Leadership Training

Work with Dr. Naomi Wolf to develop a global public voice & leadership and advocacy skills


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What is it?

50 minutes • with Naomi Wolf • via Skype or Periscope

Many of us feel passionate about change, or feel that we have a sense of mission, but don't know where to begin. I cofounded a leadership institute, The Woodhull Institute, and have trained leaders from all walks of life for almost three decades in public speaking, writing and advocacy, and media skills. Those whom I've advised go on to run for office, start businesses, write books, create mass grassroots action campaigns, change laws, and succeed with any number of important goals. I have formally and informally advised two Presidential campaigns.

I love sharing with individuals the tools that they need to grow as leaders and to express their visions globally. I also love training groups. I have taught these skills to groups of women leaders especially, via Barnard's Athena Center for Women and Leadership, who work at Hershey, Novartis, Microsoft and Prudential. I have also taught these skills to mixed-gender groups at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, to the Rhodes Scholars at Rhodes House, and to members of Civic Hall, the civic tech incubator. Pricing for group training is on request.