Op-Ed Writing Workshop

Learn the basics of writing a powerful op-ed, with Dr. Naomi Wolf

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What is it?

50 minutes • with Naomi Wolf • via DailyClout Facebook Live

If you can write powerful opinion piece, you can easily influence thousands and even millions of readers. But there are few resources for training everyone in these very distinctive skills. I'll teach you the basics of good op ed writing and how to submit your opinion pieces to major media, or publish them yourselves on social media -- to sway popular opinion, exposes abuses or generally make your voice heard.

Good op-ed writing skills aren't just for useful for professional writers; they also lead to better pitches and PR approaches, and allow you to be more persuasive generally. These skills also lead you to become a much more effective writer in any professional capacity -- as well as to support you in developing a more logical, powerful thought process in general.